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Special Thanks and Dedications

There are too many people whose generosity and dedication have affected our lives to mention them all, but we felt we needed to mention a few. 
The doctors and Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NNICU) nurses at MUSC.  Special thanks to Dr. C.D. Smith, Dr. Edward Tagge, Dr. Patrick Thomas (now at Baylor in Houston I believe), Dr. Richard Saunders, Dr. Ted Meyer, Dr. Deborah Bowlby, Dr. Bhanu Pillai, Dr. Jennifer Clark, Dr. William Southgate, and Dr. Shashidhar Pai, nurses Kathy Jacques (pardon me for not remembering your married name), David McDougal and scores of others who should be named here.
Our pediatrician, Dr. Peter Salerno.  My OB, Dr. Lynn Norton. Our therapists past and present, Becky, Maggie, Karen, Selena, Melanie and Emily.
Our first early interventionist, Ellen Rhoden, who gave us so much information and encouragement.
Our families and friends whose love and support make all we do possible.  Extra special thanks to my nephew Logan Sevier who designed this website and the folks at I-Tech for providing the server.
Finally we’d like to dedicate this website and our efforts to little Down Syndrome angels like Sarah who were called back to heaven too soon.


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